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Uch Sharif, A page of History

The city which was developed by the hundred and thousands years ago. This city was the capital of many renowed rulers and the intrusions. It is believed that the city is as old as the Syria and Iraq. The special feature of the city is that it was the center of sufism who preaches Islam and then stay permanently in the city.

Why you visit Uch Sharif

If you ambicious to visit the shirines of sufi saints of the Pakistan, It is the best place for those who want to see the forefathers and patters of the Sufi Orders of Bukhari & Gilani.

If you are love to artisian work, archetectural work and "Kashi Kari", perhaps this the place who have this master piece in original form.

If you are want to study the Ex-Bahawalpur State/South Punjab regarding agricultual, culture, society, construction, irrigation system etc. you are welcome in the holy historical city of Saints

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Ancient Tombs

There are several Ancient Tombs and Shirine in the city
Some of them are as below

Bibi Jiwandi Tomb

Built by the Irani Ruler "Dilshad in 500 years before. It was damaged by the flood of 1895

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Bahwal Haleem Tomb

Bahwal Haleem was the teacher of sufi saints and the tombs was consturcted by their students. It is octangle building. It also was damaged with flood.

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Ustad Nuriya Tomb

It assmed that the tomb of Ustad Nuriya was built by the architect who build the other two tombs including Bibi Jiwandi and Bahwal Haleem

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Jalalia Mosque

Jalalia Mosque is attached with the shirine of Hazrat Jalal ud Din Bukhari R.A in west of the city. It was build by the Nawab Bahwal Khan Abbasi, the then ruler of the state of the Bahawalpur.

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