Bibi Jiwandi Tomb

The tomb of Bibi Jawindi stands in the northwest corner of Uch Sharif on a low hillside.

It honors Bibi Jawindi, the great-granddaughter of Jahaniyan Jahangasht (1307-1383), a pupil of Baha’al-Halim who is commonly thought to have been instrumental in the construction of his teacher’s tomb. Construction of the tomb is attributed to an Iranian prince, Dilshad, who provided the funds for the project. The three tombs in this area stand in a state of partial ruin, as major flooding in 1817.

The tomb requires active ongoing conservation to shore up and stabilize the remaining walls, turrets, and decorative features, but overall it is in better shape than the nearby Baha’al-Halim tomb. Five of the original eight turrets have survived in partial form, versus three at Baha’al-Halim.