City of Sufism – Uch Sharif

Know About the Sufies of Uch Sharif?

City of Sufism

Uch Sharif is a city of Sufi Saints who spread the light of Islam through their attitude and love to the mankind. They got the knowledge of the religion and visited all over the world to spread the true teachings of Islam by devoting their whole life for this purpose.

Some more famous names includes the following Sufi Saints which were rest in piece in Uch Sharif.

1. Syed Jalal ud DinĀ  Surkhposh Bukhari

2. Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani Qadri Uchvi

3. Syed Jahanian Jahangashat Bukhari

4. Syed Rajan Qatal Bukhari

5. Syed Fazal ud Din Ladla Bukhari

6. Syed Jamal Dervish khanda Rou

7. Syed Safi ud Din Gazarnavi