Ustad Nauriya Tomb

The tomb of Nauria was built in 15th century A.D. It is believed that this tomb is of the architect who built the adjoining two tombs (i) Bibi Jiwindi tomb and (ii) Bahawal Haleem Tomb. The tomb is raised on the square base surrounded by octagonal drum and originally a single dome. It had two […]

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Bahawal Haleem Tomb

The Tomb of Bahawal Haleem was built in the middle of 14th century A.D. He was a prominent literary figure of his time and a celebrated teacher in Madarasa Bahaya Uch . He was also the teacher of famous sufi saint Syed Jalalud Din Bokhari Jahangusht and according to the common belief, the tomb was […]

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Bibi Jiwandi Tomb

The tomb of Bibi Jiwindi, situated in Uch Sharif, a small town about 72 Km from Bahawalpur towards West. This tomb was build in 1494 A.D by Muhammad Dilshad of Kharasan. It is the most remarkable monument of its kind at uch. The personage lying buried here was the pious lady popularly known as Bibi […]

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