Bibi Jiwandi Tomb

The tomb of Bibi Jiwindi, situated in Uch Sharif, a small town about 72 Km from Bahawalpur towards West. This tomb was build in 1494 A.D by Muhammad Dilshad of Kharasan. It is the most remarkable monument of its kind at uch. The personage lying buried here was the pious lady popularly known as Bibi Jiwndi, the great daughter of Syed Jalal ud Din Bukhari Jahanian Jahangashat.  In plan it is octagonal on the exterior, with the interior walls angled to form a circle. The thick walls rise to two stories, transforming by way of squinches into a sixteen-sided drum upon which a dome sits, supported by bell-shaped brackets. Both the interior and exterior walls are decorated with a profusion of faience revetment.

The monument is profusely and brilliantly decorated with mosaic in white, blue and green colours in 1817 A.D, a fierce flood destroyed almost half of the tomb. The tomb is under administrative control of Archaeology Department Pakistan.

This tomb was selected by UNESCO Foundation as world heritage world top 100 monuments.

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