Ustad Nauriya Tomb

The tomb of Nauria was built in 15th century A.D. It is believed that this tomb is of the architect who built the adjoining two tombs (i) Bibi Jiwindi tomb and (ii) Bahawal Haleem Tomb. The tomb is raised on the square base surrounded by octagonal drum and originally a single dome. It had two entrances, one on the south and other on the north. The base of the dome has arched openings at cordinal points.

The Tomb is faced with hands of glazed tiles created with tile mosaics.

Ustad Nuria was a great architect of his time. Ustad Nuria came to Uch from Iran in the middle of 14th century. Ustad Nuria was called Ustad because of his great architectural work. Ustad Nuria’s 1st task was to built the Tomb of Baha-Ul-Halim. Baha-Ul-Halim was the great scholar of his time & he was the teacher of a Madrisa in Uch as well as the teacher of Jahanian Jahangasht.

Ustad Nuria builts the Tomb of Baha-Ul-Halim in the middle of 14th century. Ustad Nuria made the Tomb with very Delegate Tiles, he uses the color combination of Light Blue & Dark Blue Tiles, which gives a fascinating look of Tomb.

The Second Tomb Ustad Nuria Built was the Tomb of Bibi Jiwindi. Bibi Jiwindi was the great daughter of the Jahanian Jahangasht. The Tomb of Bibi Jiwindi was built in 1494 A.D. It is the most remarkable monument of its kind at Uch. The Tomb was built on a octagonal base and crowned with a single dome raised on externally octagonal drum. The Tomb was provided with the arched windows. The walls and turrets trapper upwards. The monument is profusely and brilliantly decorated with mosaic white, blue and green colors.

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